New Year's Eve Party

It feels like every year around late-December, we start to think "what are we going to for New Year's Eve?" We're past the point of wanting to hit up a hot Hollywood club but aren't quite ready to have dinner at home and be asleep by 9 - so what to do? 

Why not throw a party? Since we throw quite a few feste in our line of work, we want the ones we host at home to feel like just the opposite - not work. We have our entertaining necessities that help us accomplish just that, and today we're sharing some of our secrets for an easy and fun New Year's Eve Party.

SCENT - As soon as guests enter a party, they should feel the atmosphere change. The lighting is crucial in setting the mood (low and soft) but equally important is the scent. In our house, as soon as Christmas time rolls around we pull out these candles. We're not usually fans of strong scents (reminds us of riding in a taxi with that "fresh car smell" hanging from the mirror) but you will swear that this THYMES FRASIER FIR CANDLE fragrance is actually emanating from your freshly cut Christmas tree. 


AWESOME MUSIC - Ok ok, we know we just said lighting and candles are the two most important elements to setting the mood at a party but how can we forget music?! No one wants to enter a quiet room especially during the holidays so we're helping you out by hooking you up with one of our favorite playlists from one of our favorite sites, REFINERY 29. Click here to check it out. 


THE FOOD - Tonight is not the night for a plated dinner, it's all about the buffet. And what doesn't look good presented on a big, heavy wooden board? We have several different shapes, sizes and materials so we can mix and match based on what we're serving. Our personal favorite is a board my father-in-law made so if you're DIY-inclined, make your own or pick up one like this on ETSY.


We love to do one large salumi and cheese platter, that guests can nibble on throughout the evening - plus several small bites that can be enjoyed all night without having to be reheated. And don't forget dessert! 

SIGNATURE COCKTAIL - Besides a few bottles of bubbly for the midnight countdown, an extra special time of year calls for extra special libations. We love to serve one signature drink at our holiday parties. Now, don't go all crazy and make four different ones - keep it simple and delicious and you will have time to spend chatting with all your wonderful guests instead of manning the bar like a mixologist. We make a big batch of these Rosemary Bourbon Cocktails in a glass pitcher beforehand and guests can help themselves.

Multiply the following by how many guests you have:

  1. 1 sprig rosemary
  2. 1 shot bourbon 
  3. juice of 1/2 a lemon
  4. 1 Tbsp. good quality maple syrup 

In a pitcher, muddle the rosemary with the lemon juice. Add the bourbon and maple syrup and mix well. Refrigerate until the guests arrive and in the meantime, add a rosemary sprig garnish to each glass. Have the guests pour the drink over ice.

Cin cin!

GIFTS FOR THE GUESTS - We love to give our guests something to remember us (and our party!) by, so put together a little parting gift. What's better after a night of drinking and being out late, than waking up and not having to worry about breakfast? Our "Colazione Breakfast" Box includes our signature D.O.P. Kitchen granola, an Italian imported honey, a beautifully wrapped D.O.P. Kitchen Citrus Olive Oil Cake and a fragrant herb plant.  

We hope you've been inspired to host una festa this New Year's Eve and we wish you all a very very merry 2016!